We are Lisbon´s first legal pedicab company. We love to move you and even your stuff by pedal power! Many people still think of the bicycle rickshaw rider as a hungry enslaved Indian boy. But we know that the modern pedicab is one of the solutions for congested hyperactive cities. Leaving no dirt, making no noise. Traveling at a relaxed speed which lets you breath deeply while perceiving your surroundings. Observing your city from the back of a rickshaw is like you see it for the first time! And you are always able to communicate with the life on the street, you can stop when you find something interesting and quick,quick pedal away when its noisy or stinky …

And the poor rickshaw rider ? She gets the training of her life while working. She will eat much more than usual people but not amass any fat. She gets in contact with many people from all over the world, shares some stories about her hometown, hears some from far away. She is working in a cooperative of friendly co-workers, where she also has a say in how things are running. Quite some time of her week she spends sitting in her pedicab watching people pass by, reading, chatting, eating(of course;), the rest she is working out. And she is paid for all this!

But for us the rickshaw is more than just a relaxing tourist service. Imagine, most of the city would travel in rickshaw speed – how calm and enjoyable our streets would be. Imagine, every truck stops at the city border, or better, all goods come in via train, and then pedicabs take over to distribute them. Imagine, 10.000s of people finding their daily work not in the seat of a motor vehicle but in the saddle of a pedicab.

We know that a lot more must change in our society than the opening of bike.POP.pedicab. Jet we see our two rickshaws as the seed which will grow in the next years. We do believe that change is coming, it is necessary. Its time that people organize collectively and take their future into their hands. This is our way – when the need for pedal-powered community-based transport arises we are ready.

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