Both our rickshaws carry various possibilities to place your advertisement. Brand our pedicabs and your ads will jump into peoples eyes – where ever the rickshaw passes the heads turn after it. Its moving with smiling people on board, its new to this city, its ecological and we will ride it to the places where we find our passengers in the masses of people. Hard to think of a better carrier for your message.

Both rickshaws have a huge place at the back to put your ad. Additionally you can choose to decorate the roof, the frame, the wheels and other parts of the chassis. Book us for a month or the whole sumer season – one month will be 500€ excluding tax per bike – the whole season May to October we offer for 2500€ per bike.

We also offer exclusive shuttle service: You brand our bikes and we shuttle your costumers free of charge to your shop, from your congress center to the restaurant to the party location. Or we enhance your promotion event. To rent a rickshaw plus rider for your event costs:

  • 2h 100,-
  • 4h 200,-
  • 8h 300,-

All prices without IVA!

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